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Welcome to the home of BlueFlash

Bluetooth/Disk Controller/Disk Image Archive Card for Apple ][




I have been an Apple ][ lover for over 20 years. I still remeber those great games on Apple ][. Unfortunately, I was very busy working on degree and my full time job until 3 years ago. I bought several old Apple ][s from EBAY, hoping that I could get those old-time memory back. Soon I found that this was not the case since the floppy drive and diskettes were too old to work. So I started thinking of alternatives, floppy is really not very reliable and, hey, we are in giga speed CPU era, there are lots of advancements in microelectronics after Apple ][ came out in late 1970. So I was thinking of using solid state storage to replace floppy. Like other Apple ][ fans, CFFA was discovered on the net. Although it is a great idea and very decent product, but that was not what I wanted. I want a real Disk ][ clone which can run those many disk images (.dsk, .nib) that you can find from the net. Being an electronic designers, I decided to build a solid-state drive/disk controller card myself!!


Also, I thought if I could put wireless connectivity on the board will be really cool since we are also in a wireless world, who the heck wants to see all those messy cables and loves to PnP (Pull and Plug) the memory card often to transfer files!!!


With all these wishful dreams, I started working on this project from May 2004, but it turned out to the biggest nightmare to me as a hobbist's project, it took me three full years to get to what I have achieved so far. Duing this period, I kept on asking myself why am I doing this as a hobbist? But the passion to see it work pushing me to move forward. On the next page you will get to see more on the development of BlueFlash.