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Compatibility is really one of the biggest issue and time comsuming part of this project, because this project includs more features and I tried to keep the limititation of using BlueFlash to a minimum, so more compatibility issues will appear and more testing efforts are required. Due to the time and energy constraints, I am not able to test each one of the device you can find, so I will just limit the compatiblity list to what I already have. You are welcomed to test other device if you like, and I am happy to put the results on this list.


Bluetooth USB Dongle:


Up to now, there are actually around three chip vendors supplying Bluetooth USB dongle, Cambridge Silicon Radio, Broadcom and ISSC. Usually, the compatibility between the USB dongles are good, the one really causing potential compatibility issue is the software comes with the dongle. Both CSR and ISSC come with a third party software made by IVT, which is the one that I has been testing with mostly. Some CSR's dongles come with Toshiba software. However the Toshiba software is notoriously user-unfriendly to use from some discussion forums, and it is my own experience that Toshiba's software is indeed not very intuitive. So it is not on my compatibility list.

Broadcom's dongle comes with its own software (acquired from Widcomm), I have tested the previous version, I found it is generally OK, but it seems it is less error tolerant than IVT's software. So I still strongly recommend using either CSR's or ISSC's dongle with IVT software.

If you are not sure about the dongle chip maker and the software, you can order it when you order a BlueFlash.



Sandisk is the one that I strongly suggest.


Sandisk : standard 512M, 1G

Ultra ][ 512M, 1G

Kingstone: 512M


Transcend: 512M & 1G can read but can't write


Apple ][ :

So far, only an Apple ][e is tested.


Disk ROM:


BlueFlash is designed to work in any slot. However, some of the Disk Images look for disk controller card specifically in Slot 6, so it is recommended you plug BlueFlash in slot 6 to maintain maximum compatibility with disk images.


The following are the Disk Image I've tested so far, all tests were done in Slot6 and those disk images are .dsk if not mentioned (I am mostly interested in games, so only games will be on this lit for some time)




Bruce Lee

Lode Runner

Sammy LightFoot





Crisis Mountain


Miner 2049er

Mr. Robot




Hard Hat

Montezuma etc