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1. Standard Bluetooth connection, you can transfer files to and from any PC equipped with Bluetooth without the need to install any special software.

2. "File Transfer" Profile is implemented. You can transfer files in any type or any size. (One single largest file I tested was 6MBytes)

3. Fast transfer rate, it can achieve around XX-YY KBytes/Second, the fastest for Bluetooth on embedded system solution you can find.

4. Using popular and inexpensive Bluetooth USB Dongle, no problem getting one when it needs to be replaced or udgraded.


Disk Controller:


1. Genuine Woz seqeuncer fully implemented on CPLD and ARM 7 microcontroller, you can do many disk protect scheme. one-track, half-track or even quarter-track, any sync pattern and numbers.

2. Track reading and writing are fully functional without any restriction. (Write has not been tested though)

3. On board static RAM for dual-drive operation. no often writes to Flash memory will occur, which will greatly increase the life of the flash memory. Also no CF card needs to be present to run it.


Disk Image Archive:


1. FAT16 is implemented, you can use virtually any PC to read/write the Compact Flash card without any special software.

2. No restriction on the size of the CF card. The largest I've tested is 1G.

3. No restriction on reading/writing the CF card. You can read, write, delete, creat new file, folder.... you like on Apple ][ and PC.

4. .dsk, .po and .nib image are all supported. BlueFlash automatically recognize the disk image format. (.dsk is the format I test majorly, since it is smaller than .nib and takes less time to transfer it using Bluetooth, so it is recommended to use .dsk)


USB Host Controller Port

1. USB v1.0 compliant.

2. Tested successfully with several different brands of Bluetooth USB dongle and USB flash pendrives.

3. No limitation on the type of USB device to connect (need appropriate firmwares)